Sara Lupoli


March 10, 2020 - March 15, 2020 00:00

PARC Performing Arts Research Centre Firenze | IT


Activity postponed until a later date.


The young choreographer Sara Lupoli in residency at PARC with rosarosaerosae – la pelle delle immagini (the skin of the images).

rosarosaerosae – la pelle delle immagini is a multimedia story that investigates the concept of living in relation to the body and the memory that resides in it.
A project which tends to create a nomadic imaginary in which metaphor is the basis of the story.
Skin, projection, fabric, sound, movement merge in the repertoire of immaterial and changeable places, where feelings and emotions reside, and act as cognitive sensors of an intangible world and at the same time so tied to reality. In an attempt to trace the sensory, cultural and expressive matrices of an embedded and sometimes foreign femininity, image and word coincide as visual variations that in-form and build emotional environments.
rosarosaerosae – la pelle delle immagini is a journey inside a body-house, where the language levels build the map that traces an experience.


Sara Lupoli (Naples, 1987) has undertaken the study of classical and contemporary dance at the Harmony dance school in Naples. In 2007 she joined the European Ballet in London and in 2008 the Cannes Jeune Ballet, the youth company of Rossella Hightower’s Ecole Supérieure de Danse by. In 2010 she joined the Ballet d’Europe in Marseille, a company directed by Jean Charles Gil. In 2014 he obtained the Certificate of Qualification to Teach Pilates Technique at the Harmonie du corps centre in Marseille, directed by Monica Germani. In parallel, still in Marseille, she has created the cultural association PianoBe with which she promotes her artistic research through performances and workshops between Italy and France.
She works as a freelance with several international choreographers and artists such as Noa Wertheim, Sharon Fridman, Emanuel Gat, Eddie Peake and Dimitris Papaioannu.
She currently works with the Körper company (Naples), with the Ravello Festival and with the Teatro Stabile di Napoli Mercadante.


photo: Federica Capo










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