Fabbrica Europa 2020



As a consequence of the measures adopted to combat the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the 27th edition of the Fabbrica Europa Festival scheduled in May/June, has been postponed to September/October 2020. Fabbrica Europa, a crossroads for exchange and dialogue between artists from all over the world, in this difficult international situation cannot carry on with the usual planning of the Festival.

Fabbrica Europa has always worked to bring cultures and artists together through the performing arts, with the aim of breaking down the boundaries between countries, languages and formats.

While borders are closing, we are called to break down the barriers of individualism, driven by the desire to rediscover the values as solidarity and sustainability, and a sense of community able to imagine a possible future.

In these days, many artists and operators from all over the world are witnessing their closeness and encouragement to Italy and Fabbrica Europa. From China to India, from Mali to Tunisia, from Northern Europe to Canada: an involvement made of ideas, proposals, support actions and projects to share.

The performing arts sector is experiencing a serious crisis that is revealing its weakness: cultural institutions, artists, operators, professionals, workers are faced with huge losses due to the closure of theatres and the cancellation of shows and festivals.
But art and culture must find new ways to survive this crisis since they are essential for the formation of an individual and collective, existential and social critical thinking.

Now we have to look to the future and – also through and thanks to the performing arts – trust again in the forms of sociality and participation. In search of the sense of a new contemporaneity.


















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