Festival Fabbrica Europa

27th edition
May 8 > June 10, 2020
Florence | Tuscany


The Fabbrica Europa 2020 Festival subverts its perspective and go beyond.
Into the city, in the territories, with the impetus of a new beginning. Necessary, dutiful, political.
Not a widespread festival, but an action that builds on the history and memories of the places involved.Bringing into play the passage of time expressed by the languages of the performing arts.
Towards new generations of artists, users, citizens, people.

Places for an ancient and contemporary ritual, cyclical and repeated, towards an ecstasy, a creative, social and militant wonder, which responds to the need to recognize oneself, to aggregate, to reflect on and address concepts such as “power”, “gender”, “freedom”, “diversity”, “movement”, “revolt”, “climate”, “community”, “city”.


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image: Lillevan/Zu

















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