Eric Joris & Isjtar / Crew
La Scena Virtuale

Immersive workshop | Performance Installation

When : November 21-26, 2023 with final performance installation on November 25-26
Where : Florence, PARC Performing Arts Research Centre (Piazzale delle Cascine 7)
Application deadline : November 10, 2023
Who it is for : 8/10 participants interested in an immersive experience
How to apply : by writing to

La Scena Virtuale is a workshop and a creation experience with Eric Joris & Isjtar, multidisciplinary artists of CREW, and Haryo Sukmawanto, technician.
CREW is an international team of researchers, performers, technologists, dramaturgs, musicians, programmers and designers.
The project intends to explore the boundaries between real and virtual, in a VR environment that combines body and Artificial Intelligence.
At the end of a week of immersive work, a public presentation of the performance/installation“Delirious Departures” that will transform PARC into the departure hall of a railway station.

CREW was founded by Eric Joris in 1990 and has been a trailblazer in linking art and science. Various technologies were developed for the artistic needs of CREW, for example putting the first VR headset on a theater stage with the help of the University of Hasselt in 2003.
CREW is one of the European pioneers when it comes to creating theatre productions and
performances using immersive technology.
As an arts company crossing the boundaries of art, science and technology, CREW continues to ask a simple question: how does technology change us?
CREW’s medium of choice, one that goes straight to the spectator’s body to put it simply, is immersion: the sensation to be completely enveloped by a different world.
CREW is currently working on new productions that redefine the role of performer, immersant* and audience in XR performance.

This activity is part of Oltre le mura / Beyond the walls, a project by Fondazione Fabbrica Europa supported by

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