Almar’à, the Arab and Mediterranean women’s orchestra


September 8, 2020 18:00

PARC Performing Arts Research Centre Firenze | IT

Free admission

Within the Festival au Désert Florence
11th edition


Conception, creation and development of a project that moves reality

ALMAR’À is the first orchestra of Arab and Mediterranean women and was created in 2017 between Florence and Rome thanks to the collaboration between Fondazione Fabbrica Europa and the Tunisian socio-cultural Center “Dar Tounsi”, and with the artistic coordination of Ziad Trabelsi.

“Almar’à”, a word that in Arabic means “woman”, brings together women and girls from different backgrounds – professional and non-professional musicians, students, rappers, classical musicians, modern singers – in a polyphony that wants to be a symbol of freedom against any violence, against any extremism and closure.

In this sense, ALMAR’À is first of all a journey into music and at the same time an occasion to portrays an existing Italy, but still hidden in individual experiences, lacking in a collective and complex tale.


The Festival au Désert Florence is a multicultural music project that since 2010 has created a network for contemporary creation between Africa, the Mediterranean and Europe, starting from the collaboration between the Festival au Désert in Essakane (Mali) and Fondazione Fabbrica Europa. The festival hosts the great names of the world music, in particular from Mali, North Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, in open dialogue with the ambassadors of artistic “nomadism” from all over the world. The 2020 edition is realized in partnership with Italian World Beat.
Project realized with the support of Fondazione CR Firenze















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