Fabbrica Europa 2013

April 16 > June, 2013
XXVII edition
Florence, Stazione Leopolda and spaces

Not in vain did the winds blow.
Sergej Aleksandrovic Esenin

Not in vain twenty years have passed.

As a gift. Dedicated to take the strongest and most original contemporary expressions of the international scene and share them. Creating in Florence a “different” place, where the signs and languages of a lively contemporaneity could find a home. Twenty years later, many things have changed, if not in the will to work in this direction, certainly in the surrounding reality and imagery.
A change that also requires shifts in meaning and direction. Beyond the Stazione Leopolda – which has always characterized the identity of Fabbrica Europa – with the aim to spread the festival out, from the city to the region, from Italy to Europe, a Europe that is yet to be created, to be “built”.
Fabbrica Europa thus shows the need to go on towards different directions, to new artistic and thinking crossroads.
And, if on one side the will to focus on the main lines of the international performing arts is clear, on the other side there’s an inclination towards the new creative generations which, at a global level, are creating new visions and formulas that can change a show business which has come to an end.
From this point of view, the twenty years of Fabbrica Europa are not to be considered as an achievement or as a self-celebration. Instead, they represent the need to recognize the necessary cultural and political signs which may help to find a way out and to regenerate the view before leaving again. While waiting for a new wind to blow.

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