César Brie / Teatro de los Andes


May 8, 2009 - May 9, 2009

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


In working on the Odyssey we followed Penelope’s example: the weaving together of different threads. One of these threads was setting out from ourselves. What are our shipwrecks, our passions, our monsters? What have we left behind? Where is our Ithaca hidden? We say I meaning WE. We say We meaning You. We must not lose this intimate presence that knocks at the door and wants to become the universe. In the final work, there remain traces of the journey into the intimacy of my actors. Behind Laertes, Penelope, Argo, Circe and Calypso other souls hover invisible, behind Ithaca appear other landscapes: the mine in which one of the company was born, a family lost and found again…

Between rehearsals, writing and seminars, this text has accompanied me for three years. We have neither money nor resources, but a richness that frequently gets mislaid in the whirlpool of the contemporary theatre.
We have time. We use it. We took the time necessary to plumb the depths of our research. It is this thread that holds the others together. And so, now that I have finished writing and editing, I do not know what to do with the time on my hands. I feel shipwrecked myself, abandoned by the characters and their words, for they now have their own independent life.
César Brie


text, direction and lights: César Brie
with: Lucas Achirico, Cynthia Callejas, Gonzalo Callejas, Mia Fabbri, Alice Guimaraes, Karen May Lisondra, Paola Oña, Ulises Palacio, Julián Ramacciotti, Viola Vento
costumes: Giancarlo Gentilucci, Teatro de los Andes
scenography: Gonzalo Callejas
music: Pablo Brie
music direction: Lucas Achirico
co-production: Emilia Romagna Teatro, Fondazione Pontedera Teatro
in collaboration with: Armunia Festival Costa degli Etruschi Castiglioncello and Fabbrica Europa
organisation: Giampaolo Nalli
direction assistants: Daniel Aguirre, Alice Guimaraes
thanks to: Javier Alvarez, Nélida Arenas, ASUR, Adela Barja, Natalia Barry, Carmen Rodríguez, Kharina Callejas, Verónica Cereceda, Leonardo de la Torre Avila, Kike Gorena, Tonino Guerra, Félix Guzmán, Tiziana Irti, Daniela Molina, Felipa Oporto, María Peredo, Roberto Pillco, Marcelino Pinto, Silvia Raccampo, Bernardo Rosado Ramos, Agustina Vedia, Tanja Watoro, Alejandro Zárate Bladés, Danuta Zarzyka











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