E l’uomo creò se stesso

Leonardo Diana / Versiliadanza

May 22, 2011 23:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


Convinced to the end that our avatars will alienate us to the point that the centrifuged force of nature will maintain its dynamic intensity man will only then, set aside the paint brush and free himself of its body. Realizing, the lose of its soul and remaining only a fictitious and disheartened duplicate of itself.

The first collaboration between Leonardo Diana and musicians Luca and Andrea Serrapiglio took place in 2007 with the realization of Verso la luce (Towards the light), which debuted at the festival Fabbrica Europa, and was subsequently invited to many international festivals. Versiliadanza association was a great support and because of it, the group was able to enrich itself with the presence of visual artist Leonardo Filastò.

With the participation of painters Ronnie Orroz and Mario Bacciottini, the group directs its energies towards a theatrical form (genre) that incorporates and fuses the different dialects (languages) and makes them its trademark.

In the work that was created, E l’uomo creò se stesso (And man created himself), finalist in the Rome 2011 Equilibrio Prize, different expressions form the various steps which mark man’s evolution. Taking the viewer from the tangible aspect of the painting to the impalpable and imaginable digital. The body of the dancer ends up loosing its consistency and form in the mystical disembodied virtual world and thus, declaring its disappearance.
Leonardo Filastò


choreography and performance: Leonardo Diana
painter: Ronnie Orroz
videoartist, dramatist: Leonardo Filastò
music: Luca Serrapiglio
music, video effects: Andrea Serrapiglio
light design, communication: Mario Bacciottini
costumes: Lucia Castellana
artistic direction: Versiliadanza / Angela Torriani Evangelisti












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