Lâu Nay – First Study

Alessandro Carboni

May 20, 2010 - May 21, 2010 21:00

Teatro Studio Mila Pieralli Scandicci | IT


From the project Overlapping discrete boundaries


This is the era of the city, of hyper-production of images and of new media it emerges a need for a rethinking on the concept of time, a reflection on the idea of memory that appears as the complex place within which to build emotions and verify connections and assumptions about the different relationship strategies. All these factors converge to one dimension, like a progressive archive, which increasingly shifts its physical size to a fragmented flow: several places, as many times and many places in our lives have become a multi-dimensional compound of physical places, still more and more geared to virtual spaces in continuous re-definition. Therefore a geography for the human body strives for a new map, a map that needs to be as conscious and receptive as these constant changes that fuel our lives.

The objective is that to explore some cities in the five continents. Each of them will be studied for a brief period through a residence. During this time, energies and tensions of cities will be picked up through experimental practices of exploration and urban analysis using materials (video, audio, body and geo-locative technologies and sensors) for the construction of site specific actions.


concept, direction, object-media base and choreography: Alessandro Carboni
dance: Jianan Qu
music: Dickson Dee
technical direction and interactive media: Emanuele Lomello
physical computig and visual: Z25/ Arnaud Loonstra
and Machiel Veltkamp
software development: Gabriel Rapetti
assistance and organization: Alessia Meloni
production: Associazione Culturale Ouroboros
scientific contributions: Elisa Poli, Riccardo Mantelli (Urban Proximity Detector), Wallace
Chang – School of Architecture of Hong Kong, LaDU/Lab. of Urban Density – Faculty of Architecture- Cagliari, Paolo Atzor
support: Noise Asia, Hong Kong, Fabbrica Europa, Bunker e Muzeum, Ljubljana, Abitare, D3D_Master Digital Environment_NABA
The performance is part of the project “Focus on Art and Science in the performing arts” with the support of Culture Programme of the European Union.













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