Nataša Mirković & Michel Godard


June 4, 2021 19:30

Akzent Theater Wien | AT

Risplendenti, Riversi, a Fabbrica Europa production which premiered at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence in May 2018, is now staged at the Akzent Theater in Vienna.
This work, which has also become an album released in 2020, comes from the meeting between Nataša Mirković and Michel Godard on the occasion of the recording of “En El Amor”, a reinterpretation of Sephardic songs that the young singer listened to in Sarajevo, her hometown.
In Risplendenti, Riversi, the accordion of Luciano Biondini and the percussion of Jarrod Cagwin join Mirković’s voice and Godard’s serpent in a dialogue between Italian music of the 16th and 17th centuries, Balkan compositions and improvisations.


Michel Godard, French musician and composer, is one of the very few tuba soloists and probably the only serpent soloist. Sepent is an instrument, ancestor of the tuba, that was born as the bass of the cornet family and had never had a solo repertoire. Godard, developing on this forgotten instrument his enormous technical talent, performs a repertoire ranging from 16th century music to jazz and improvised music.
Originally from Bosnia-Herzegovina, the singer and actress Nataša Mirković first studied musicology in Sarajevo, followed by classical voice, Lied and Oratorio in Graz. She is interested in classical song, Baroque music and traditional folk music. Through her numerous performances at prestigious theatres and international festivals, she has become a sought-after artist throughout Europe. Her great versatility, demonstrated in a variety of genres, has also been recognized in Hollywood by the composer Gabriel Yared, who invited her to sing the theme song to the film « In the Country of Blood and Honey », directed by Angelina Jolie.

Risplendenti, Riversi / The swallow birds (Preleteše ptice lastavice)











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