Paolo Benvegnù and Nicholas Ciuferri


May 4, 2019 18:00

PARC Performing Arts Research Centre Firenze | IT

Paolo Benvegnù, guitar and vocals
Nicholas Ciuferri, reading
Nicola Cappelletti, violin and live electronics


I racconti delle nebbie is a Paolo Benvegnù & Nicholas Ciuferri’s project that was released in last March for Woodworm Label.
It is a real collection of musical narratives, published in book format plus audio CDs, which stems from the live experience that Benvegnù and Ciuferri shared during 2018, presenting in the form of narration music the original seed of “I Racconti delle Nebbie”.
The work contains nine chapters each formed by a Nicholas Ciuferry’s story, corresponding to a musical track composed by Paolo Benvegnù and introduced by an illustration by Alessio Avallone (Bonelli editor).
The stories haven’t a unique setting but they take place in different environments, dealing with various isses: from prostitution to the war, from the homosexual love to the schizophrenia, without neglecting lighter arguments caracterized by comic traits.
Introspection and the mismatch between perspectives are a strength of the stories, such as the narration, which is often in first person, leading the reader/listener directly inside the episodes and the locations described by the authors.


Paolo Benvegnù was the founding guitarist-singer of Scisma with which he recorded, produced and composed three discs with Parlophone-EMI label. After the dissolution of the band in the 2001, he started new collaborations and became one of the four singers of the Presepe Vivente, a show by and with David Riondino and Stefano Bollani. Benvegnù established his own recording studio in Prato and, in parallel with his new solo career, began that of an artistic producer with lots of worked albums, including “Perturbazione”, “Terje Nordgarden” and “Brychan”. Later, he made an agreement with the Tuscan labels Santeria and Stoutmusic which published his first solo album “Piccoli Fragilissimi Film”. Following a brilliant career as an artist and producer that gave birth to successful albums such as “Le Labbra” (2008), “Hermann” (2011), the EP “500” (2009) and “Dissolution”, the memorable concert that in June 2010 became a record live namesake that gave rise to a successful Italian tour. In autumn 2011 he received the Radioindie Music Like Award and the award for best soloist of the year, the 2011 Italian Independent Music Award (PIMI). Paolo Benvegnù with his Hermann Tour participates in numerous prestigious events, including La Repubblica delle idee in Bologna and Roma Rock opening The Cure. In 2018 he began the collaboration with Nicholas Ciuferri for the “I Racconti delle Nebbie” project.












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