Une femme coréenne

Young Ho Nam / Cie Corée Graphie

May 8, 2010 21:30

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


Une femme coréenne is a solo dance dealing with the question of identity. Young Ho Nam reinterprets a Buddhist traditional Korean dance called Seung Mu.
Subtle, reserved, the body language of this abstract dance is very similar to contemporary Western dance; very controlled respiration while being in continuous movement is needed to blend body and spirit.
Seung Mu is exactly what Young Ho Nam was looking for in her choreographic research: respect of tradition, but at the same time contrast.
She moves this solo towards literature, her dance is accentuated and enhanced by the poems of the French poet Paul Godard.


Young Ho Nam, born in South Korea, received training in classical and contemporary dance from Ewha University in Seoul. She moved to France in 1990 and took classes in Paris from Peter Goss as well as at the Ménagerie de Verre. In 1993 she entered the troop of Jackie Taffanel in Montpellier and participated in six creations. Between 1993 and 1998 she was an assistant choreographer and helped train dancers in France and abroad. Since 2000 she has been part of the Susan Buirge troop, who she met in 1998 during a choreographic composition workshop. Starting in 2003 Young ho Nam created and choreographed Danse nue which concentrated on senses. In 2005 Taoist philosophy inspired her to create Porte d’âme which was created for the Festival Falaise 2005 and presented at the Montpellier Danse Festival and the New York International Dumbo Dance Festival. Extra Muros (2006) floats between these ideas and confronts the traditional and contemporary importance of the body. Resemblance and difference are the main topics of Matiére & Matiére (2007). With Composé/decompose 1 (2008), she pays special attention to choreographic writing and experiments with the perception of the spectator.
Currently, Young Ho is continuing her research on space in dance with a project entitled Danse Architecture.
Her work is at a crossroads of many different questions: What is similarity , what is difference? How can we mix cultural and social differences? The constant confrontation between Korean culture and Western culture has a strong impact on her dance.


choreography and dance: Young Ho Nam
poems: Paul Godard
ligths: Jean Tartaroli










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