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Salvo LombardoCasual Bystanders
Salvo Lombardo
Casual Bystanders

  Casual bystanders is based on the choreographic reconfiguration a corpus of “not-extraordinary” gestures proceeding from kinetic and verbal fragments of casual bystanders observed in public places. Between 2014 and 2015 Salvo Lombardo has been observing and writing into a series of notebooks progressively numbered, their postures, their gestures, the rhythmic pace of their movement […]

Dan+zDance + Jazz
Dance + Jazz

VITTORIA DE FERRARI SAPETTO + SIMONE GRAZIANO DANIELE NINARELLO + DAN KINZELMAN LUISA CORTESI + GIANLUCA PETRELLA   Three encounters with dancers and musicians. Independent modules, linked within a single evening, creating a triptych of music and dance outside normal formats to give shape to a variety of choreographic and sound styles evoking one another, […]

Francesca Foscarini / Andrea Costanzo MartiniVocazione all’asimmetria
Francesca Foscarini / Andrea Costanzo Martini
Vocazione all’asimmetria

  Emmanuel Lévinas says that, in the simple encounter with the Other, the essential, the absolute comes into play: the showing, the epiphany of the other is where I discover that my world is mine as long as I can share it with the Other. This tension, this impossibility to escape from the Other, which […]

Alessandro Certini / Virgilio SieniDuetto 1989 – 2011
Alessandro Certini / Virgilio Sieni
Duetto 1989 – 2011

L’importanza della trasmigrazione degli ultimi sciamani   In conceiving the project RIC.CI Marinella Guatterini wanted to re-propose to the attention of audience and critics an important season of the Italian research choreography, that of the 80s and 90s. Among the works that mark this time full of creativity there is certainly Duetto by Alessandro Certini […]

Compagnie Nacera BelazaLe trait
Compagnie Nacera Belaza
Le trait

  Le Trait, as the line that joins the three works of the new creation of Nacera Belaza. Two solos and a duo, like an echo to the path of the Franco-Algerian choreographer. After having danced for years alongside her sister Dalila, Nacera Belaza this time chose to work on a solo: a way to […]

Enzo CosimiCalore 1982 – 2012
Enzo Cosimi
Calore 1982 – 2012

  A daybreak work, the infancy of contemporary Italian dance taking its first steps in that distant year of 1982, Calore, by Enzo Cosimi, amazed the spectators of thirty years ago. It was an authentic revelation of Mediterranean taste, of solar energy speckled with shadows, an original research expressed in peaks of (pure) dance while […]

Bouchra Ouizguen / Compagnie OHA!
Bouchra Ouizguen / Compagnie O

  Inspired by the quatrains of Persian poet and Sufi mystic Djalâl ad-Dîn Rûmî, Ha!, the latest creation by Bouchra Ouizguen, is an exploration of madness. Using the same working method which led to the success of Madame Plaza, co-produced and presented at Fabbrica Europa in 2009, Bouchra Ouizguen returned to travel around Morocco in […]

Sioned HuwsAomori Aomoriclimate, body & soul
Sioned Huws
Aomori Aomori
climate, body & soul

  Aomori is a place, climate is emotive, the body is alive, souls blossom The body becomes space and space is transformed into body; in repetition the movement assumes a sensibility of an internal landscape, reflecting the soul of Aomori, the silent repetition of snowfall. A focus of detail a Tsugaru ‘hand dance’, from vertical […]

Valeria MagliPupilla 1983 – 2014
Valeria Magli
Pupilla 1983 – 2014

  In 1983 Pupilla, a pièce by and with Valeria Magli, was rich in such unequivocal cultural references as Hans Bellmer and Heinrich von Kleist, articulated in a series of evocative, moving, rarefied images. It still is. Today’s recreation of the pièce, performed by three dancers from DanceHaus Company, still tells the tale of the […]

Daniele NinarelloRock Rose Wow
Daniele Ninarello
Rock Rose Wow

  Rock Rose WoW  tries to define the profile of three different bodies that exceed toward their ownego doing everything they can do. It’s a performance about silent revolutions. By analyzing from different prospectives the theme of the race to self-realization, we can think about all the different personalities living in us, and about the […]

Compagnia Abbondanza – BertoniTerramara 1991 – 2013
Compagnia Abbondanza – Bertoni
Terramara 1991 – 2013

  In 1988 the meeting of Michele Abbondanza and Antonella Bertoni in Paris marks the beginning of an artistic collaboration that leads to the foundation of the Company Abbondanza Bertoni. Michele Abbondanza studies in New York with Carolyn Carlson and is among the promoters of one of the fundamental experiences for the Italian choreography: the […]

Francesca FoscariniOnce upon a time
Francesca Foscarini
Once upon a time

  Once Upon a Time is an interdisciplinary creation, in which there is a constant dialogue between dance, video, music, and lights. This dialogue brings together experiences of women of different generations on stage. It is an investigation through time and the translation through the body of memories, desires, experiences, images, movements and relationships. The […]

Fabrizio MonteverdeLa boule de neige 1985 – 2013
Fabrizio Monteverde
La boule de neige 1985 – 2013

  Taken from Jean Cocteau’s literary text Les enfants terribles (1929), thoroughly disconcerting in its fearful modernity and its dealings with the age of adolescence, so atrociously happy and tortuous, with such tragic severity and impalpable elegance, La boule de neige by Fabrizio Monteverde, already back in 1985 unravelled a current of Italian contemporary dance […]

Martina Francone / Collettivo No-Nothing/SomethingNO-NOTHING/SOMETHING
Martina Francone / Collettivo No-Nothing/Something

by and with Martina Francone, Simone Tecla, Hrafnhildur Einarsdottir, Roberto Masotti, Gianluca Lo Presti   No-Nothing/Something is a multidisciplinary performance inspired by Ovidio’s Metamorphosis. It is a composition of a series of episodes in which dance, live and music, and video improvisation meet, overlap and blend creating multiple scenarios made of images, sounds and movement. […]

Giulio D’Anna

We ain’t going nowhere. We are here to stay. We are here. We are here. We are. R_ESISTERE is a dance-concert on the theme of resistance. It originates from the desire of embodying a sense of revolution and it portrays protest as an essential part of being human, challenging the social beliefs around it. The […]


by Sang Jijia
New production Italy / China