CLAP! CLAP! / BRANKO (Buraka Som Sistema) / Dj Khalab

May 8, h 23:00
Stazione Leopolda – Florence


Future roots: electronics in African rhythm. An Africa broken into a thousand pieces and reconstructed by the sound mixers of the best ’nBlack sound manipulators. For a night to dance through on riveting rhythmic beats and enthralling visual and electronic interaction.

The protagonists:
Clap! Clap!, also known as Digi G’Alessio, came to the attention of critics and the international audience with his most recent work, Tayi Bebba.
DJ Khalab, in other words Africa in the future tense, with roots firmly planted in tradition.
Whoever is acquainted with Buraka Som Sistema well knows that Branko is its electro soul. The quality of the Enchufada brand, the Portuguese DJ offers the Afro and Latin mix from his recent Control.


in collaboration with Multiverso



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