We are not alone

Balletto di Roma / Davide Valrosso

July 9, 2017 18:30

Sala Dante - Palazzo Comunale di San Gimignano | IT



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Loggia del Teatro dei Leggieri
Piazza Duomo - San Gimignano

Discovering and reinventing ourselves, interacting with each other, exploring the semantic ambiguity of the gesture through stimulation and awakening of the senses. A micro-community of dancers begins to prepare its own body producing warmth and irradiating it to the outer layers.
An experience of the process of rebirth that spreads across the space, the meeting from one to the other. From the individual to the universal.
A space, highlighted only by a few light sources scattered on the ground, a mysterious, perhaps aquatic place. In the roots of our body, disintegrating any mannerism and superstructural implication, one finds the amazement of being a kaleidoscope of bodies, shadows and lights. An empathic apotheosis of a deafening whisper: We are not alone.

Gaia Polidori


Davide Valrosso, after graduating from the English National Ballet, studied at several contemporary training centres such as London Contemporary, Rambert School, Rafineri. For five years he worked with Compagnia Virgilio Sieni, both as a dancer and as a performer and trainer within the Accademia sull’Arte del Gesto. As a performer he collaborated with visual artists and choreographers, including Tino Sehgal, Paolo Bronstein, Ariella Vidach, Laura Corradi, Paolo Mohovich, Gustavo Ramirez, Jacopo Godani, Eugenio Scigliano, Raymon Sullivan, Daniele Ninarello, Antonello Tudisco, Raphael Bianco, Pascal Touzeau , Cristina Rizzo, Fabrizio Favale.
Currently he is working as a dancer in the Cosmopolitan Beauty project, produced by Cango_ Centro di produzione sui linguaggi del corpo e della danza and supported by Teatro Pubblico Pugliese (Anticorpo 2017 selection), and in the We_Pop project produced by Festival Oriente Occidente. He has been selected for the NID Platform 2017 and is also involved in Prove D’autore XL project, within which he created We are not alone for the Three-year Professional Course of Balletto di Roma, under the direction of Roberto Casarotto. He will soon be involved in the creation 70.000 for the Accademia Nazionale di Danza in Roma.


concept and choreography: Davide Valrosso
dancers: Stella Leo, Yuri Locci, Chiara Bertuccelli, Ilaria Marcolin, Elena Sgarbossa, Sofia Magnani, Loredana Canditone
Progetto nato dall’azione Prove d’Autore XL – promossa dal Network Anticorpi XL
realizzato con il Balletto di Roma – Corso triennale professionale di danza contemporanea
A project created within Prove d’Autore XL – promoted by Network Anticorpi XL
realized with Balletto di Roma – Professional triennial course of contemporary dance


Special thanks to Musei Civici di San Gimignano









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