May 12, 2018 20:30

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT

within La Francia in Scena, artistic season of Institut français Italy, realized on the iniziative of the French Embassy in Italia, with the support of Institut français and Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication


Our movements are a means to enable us project ourselves in our path of life. We have the feeling of moving forward, going round and round in circles, getting nowhere, going backwards, being attracted, changing direction…
I would like to explore and express through Boucle this relation that we develop with movement in our lives.

In this first project, I chose to be the only performer on stage. I would like to stage one character, yet, with two partners: light and sound. These two elements are not only to serve dancing, but are an integrant part of the show as they develop an irrevocable triangular interaction.

On stage, a sphere of light with a varying intensity & ambiance symbolises both time and the different states of the character. Its universal shape suggests different allegories to the spectators and inspires different emotional states.

Xuan Le


Xuan Le, first freestyle slalom competitor (Champion of France and 6th World Championship in 2009), relates very early on to dancing. By mixing the two universes together, he develops a hybrid and interbred material with circus dancing. He joins the Kafig Company, as well as Bissextile or the Cirque Eloize in which he keeps on building his choreographic language.
Wishing to go further in his research, to make his dream of becoming a choreographer come true and to direct, he creates his own company in 2016 in Paris with this solo project at the first creation.
With Boucle he he got a recognition for the choreographic writing at the Cortoindanza Festival Cagliari – Network Med’arte.


artistic direction: Xuan Le
choreography and interpretation: Xuan Le
music creation: Daniel Gries and Jules Evrad
light creation: Jean-Marie Boulet assisted by Camille Boulet
costumes design and creation: Peggy Housset
stage management: Léa Coquet-Vaslet and Karine Gérard
partners: Le 104 Centquatre-Paris, Peggy H – Peggy Housset, Eglé bespoke – Cyril Avengasr


[photo: Sarah Lowicki]











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