Qui, ora

Claudia Catarzi

August 31, 2013 21:00

Festival Opera Galleggiante | IT

@Teatro all’Antica_Sabbioneta


I have removed everything, put everything aside. I have not asked for support for creative, imaginative ideas or reality other than those existing. I have attempted to bring everything down to basics, to the minimum indispensably necessary to start out. I have found a body, my body, the instrument I possess, basically the most suitable one for this journey.

I asked myself not to do but to react, to let things emerge, to inhibit any intentional action, thus finding myself throughout the piece thinking only of going ahead, as if along a pre-established track of which however only the apparent form is laid out, its shell, its own particular features.


by and with Claudia Catarzi
production Company Blu
with the support of Inteatro Polverigi, Fondazione Teatro Metastasio Stabile della Toscana, Centro Artistico il Grattacielo
Premio Emergenze!Fabbrica Europa 2013

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