7th Sense

NCA - Small Theater / Versiliadanza

May 21, 2014 21:00

Teatro Cantiere Florida di Firenze | IT

Duration: 70 m

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7th Sense, at the threshold of its 50th performance, is a contemplation of the body, a sensible meditation. It is formed by seven pictures inspired by the Book of Lamentations of G. Nareghatsi, who is a 10th century Armenian famous poet, musician and philosopher.
G. Nareghatsi (951-1003) is a key figure of Armenian Christianity and his Book of Prayer  occupies a unique place in the religious writing of the Armenian and universal Church. It has been compared to the Psalms of David and to the Confessions  of St. Augustine. Like the Psalms it is a work of universal worship and as the Confessions  it is a personal effort of the heart to seek reconciliation with God.

The show is a research on the human enigma and the sense of guilt. Through a musical and rhythmic dialogue, the symbolism of the gesture, visions, video and language of contemporary dance, the performers invite the public to become a witness of an expressive and intense situation that challenges the communication of emotions and feelings.
7th Sense is the first co-production in the world between Italy and Armenia.


concept, direction and music selection: Vahan Badalyan
choreography: Angela Torriani Evangelisti in collaborazione con Arsen Khachatryan
performed by Arsen Khachatryan, Angela Torriani Evangelisti
video: Leonardo Filastò
Armenian text read by Ara Deghtrikyan and Angela Torriani Evangelisti,
Leonardo Filastò, Leonardo Diana
project supported by: Armenian Ministry of Culture, Italian Embassy in Yerevan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, MIBACT – Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities, Tuscan Region, HIGHFEST, National Theatre Art Association.
co-production: NCA – Small Theater (Armenia), Versiliadanza (Italy)
[photo: Andrea Ulivi]

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