Acts of Attending

Inter Pares Project

May 7, 2016 18:00

Le Murate Progetti Arte Contemporanea | IT

Limited seats
Reservation required
Tel. 055 2638480

Also on
May 8, 2016 12:00


Acts of Attending is focused on the value of observing, describing, listening and remembering. These elements are the raw material that is phisically explored and elaborated in the performance to discover a new sense of authenticity.
The information taken from what is around us, audience and architecture, would allow a sense of inter pares, of equality between ourselves and the space, to emerge from the work.
Agnese Lanza, Julie Havelund


Dancer Agnese Lanza graduated from London Trinity Laban Conservatoire. She has worked with international artists including Lizzi LeQuense, Rosemary Lee, Janine Harrington, Luca Silvestrini, Tino Senghal, Maciej Kuzminski, Tony Thatcher, Gary Clark, Frank Micheletti, Robert Clark, and in 2013 she bacame part of Aomori Project, collaborating with choreographer Sioned Huws between the UK, Wales, Italy and Japan.
She teaches contemporary dance technique in London, where in parallel pursues a personal research as artist in residence at SPACE@Clarence Mews.

Scandinavian, London-based dance artist Julie Havelund works in contemporary dance, physical theatre and aerial arts with a curiosity to continously expand and develop her interests and skills in movement and performance. Since graduating from University of Surrey with a First Class BA (Hons) Dance and Culture in 2012, she has been working with artists and companies including Carlos Cortes, London Symphony Orchestra SoundHub, Tempered Body Dance Theatre, Theatre Libre and as artist in residence at SPACE@Clarence Mews 2013-2015. In Autumn 2014 she commenced on the Scandinavian MA, Nordic Master in Dance Studies, and in Spring 2015 she commenced a one year professional course in aerial arts.

Agnese Lanza and Julie Havelund danced together for the first time in the Square Dances (2011), a work commissioned by the Dance Umbrella festival and directed by Rosemary Lee.

In 2013 they began developing Inter Pares Project and recently presented the work in different spaces both in the UK and in Italy, and have conducted workshops and seminars in several universities and dance schools in London.


choreography: Agnese Lanza, Julie Havelund
dancers: Agnese Lanza, Julie Havelund, Noemi Pellicciari, Sylvia Zanotto,
Daniele Berti, Teresa Cecchi, Paulina Veronica Del Pilar Soto Leiva, Ana Clara Poltronieri



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