Alexandre Fandard


May 24, 2019 21:00

Teatro Cantiere Florida di Firenze | IT

reduced 10€ *
students 8€ **
ticket for both performances on May 24
Fandard + Chenevier 12€

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DANZA FLORIDA Card (5 performances at Teatro Cantiere Florida from May 21 to 24) – 30€
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In Quelques-uns le demeurent Alexandre Fandard explores the radical otherness that lives in each of us. Inspired by the quote from Samuel Beckett, “We are all born crazy. Someone remains”, this poetic piece is an exploration of the physical body through psychological madness.
The choreographer reveals a single man engaged in a bizarre fight. What does it tell us? Is it perhaps under the grip of a force that kills the words and torments them? Or is he simply crazy?

Quelques-uns le demeurent is the first choreographic work by Alexandre Fandard who here investigates a radical alterity, inherent in each of us.
Paradox inscribed in a body that uproots itself from nothing before being sucked into it.
In the depth of darkness, on the border between reason and madness, while the body struggles, creation is born.


Alexandre Fandard is a self-taught free-style hip-hop dancer. After joining the Académie Internationale de la Danse in Paris, he then performed in Brett Bailey’s Exhibit B in Paris, South Korea and Estonia. In this piece he was asked to become a static element, like in a painting. This experience has strengthened his taste for the aesthetics of painting. Discovered by La Cie de Soi, he performed Heroes at the Pantheon. In September 2016 he was selected as a resident of “Laboratoire des culture urbaines” at the Centquatre-Paris. In 2018 he created Quelques-uns le demeurent, a work that was selected at many European festivals.


choreography and performance: Alexandre Fandard
advisor: Mélina Lakehal
light design: Alexandre Fandard, Mélina Lakehal
sound design: Noël Rasendrason & Alexandre Fandard
costume: Gwendolyn Boudon
support and co-production: Laboratoire des Cultures Urbaines et Espace Public du CENTQUATRE-Paris
with the suport of DRAC Ile-de-France vincitore di FoRTE 2018 (Région Ile-de-France), Étoile Du Nord (Paris), Café de Las Artes (Spain), Tremplin – Danse à tous les étages (scène de territoire danse)
duration: 30’










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