Andrea Laszlo De Simone


September 11, 2020 21:00

Teatro Puccini di Firenze | IT


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Andrea Laszlo De Simone: vocals, guitar and keyboards
Damir Nefat: guitar and backing vocals
Daniele C: bass and backing vocals
Filippo Cornaglia: drums and backing vocals
Zevi Bordovach: keyboards and backing vocals
Anthony Sasso: keyboards, backing vocals and percussions
Stefano Piri Colosimo: trumpet, flugelhorn and backing vocals
Giulia Pecora: violin
Clarissa Marino: cello


Andrea Laszlo De Simone in an immersive concert performed by a mixed orchestra between synth, electronics, choirs, strings and wind instruments, in a mix of classic and modern instruments: a contemporary version of chamber music that just like the album Immensità proposes concept of the suite. Nine musicians on stage, demonstrating the demanding and courageous choice to maintain the line up of the last tour, without reducing the musicians, while fully respecting the current anti-covid rules and safeguarding artists and the public.

Immensità is a sound work on the relationship between the individual and the universal, a real suite divided into four chapters and nine tracks, completed by a visual work: a medium-length film, which brought together suggestions from quantum physics, contemporary art and cinema, that are present in the four video clips produced in 2019.
The prestigious Le Monde wrote about Immensità: “… it resembles the rough melancholy of Battisti, the solemnity of Ravel’s “Bolero” and the electronic flights of Radiohead”.



[photo: Roberta Paolucci]
















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