Andrea Saggiomo


May 19, 2009 19:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


within Cantieri Teatrali per Fabbrica Europa


If I walk through Naples (but it could be any other place, although it is not) for a whole spring day, many small things find their way into my nerve centres: little things I have seen, heard, smelt in the chaos that presses down on the city. Thinking this over, I come across two that sting the nerves of my imagination more than the others:
the violent scent of orange flowers emerging from the inner courtyards and the roof gardens that are invisible to anyone walking in the narrow streets, a scent which then materializes into huge masses of tiny white star-like flowers should I happen to enter one of these courtyards or gardens;
the violent, brutal stiffening in the youngsters when they play among themselves in the streets, that instantaneous rigidity of arm muscles and hands in an uncalled-for slap, of legs in a kick, of throats in a yell.
In their littleness, in their fleetingness, such things touch me at once, things that, at the precise moment of their appearance, are ready to disappear again without admitting any discourse, any meaning beyond being muscle, kick, slap, leg, hand, flower.
I believe that with nothing other than these and other minute things could I compose a theatrical piece that really concerns me (that really looks at me as I look at it)
Andrea Saggiomo


Andrea Saggiomo has collaborated with the DAMM – Zone Multiple Autogestite social centre since 2000 as actor, director, designer and lighting technician for different groups and artists, among others Piccola officina di teatro, Babbaluck, Maurizio Bizzi. He has taken part in the organisation of the activities of the independent collective DAMMteatri, as well as heading one of the laboratories of the Arrevuoto 2008/2009 project of the Mercadante Teatro Stabile of Naples. With Maurizio Lupinelli in 2007 he took part in the Marat/Sade project produced by Armunia Teatro, and in 2008, as assistant, in Crociati per Punta Corsara Project. In October 2007 he won the Nuove Sensibilità competition within the Teatro Festival Italia Prologo/in divenire with the show Canti di Maldoror, later produced by the Nuovo Teatro Nuovo and presented in 2008 in Naples and in other Italian theatres.


direction and lighting design: Andrea Saggiomo
with: Glen Çaçi, Gaëlle Cavalieri, Gianluca Raia
music: Emiliano Bugatti
director of photography: Corrado Costetti
dramaturgy assistant: Carmela Covino










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