Andrea Zardi


January 9, 2020 - January 16, 2020 00:00

PARC Performing Arts Research Centre Firenze | IT


From 9 to 16 January the choreographer and dancer Andrea Zardi is in residency at PARC to continue research on his Grindr project.

Grindr is a study on dating dating apps. The project idea comes from the experience that the dancer has had in using these tools, with which a daily and constant link had been created. The use of social media allows our brain to release endorphins in a channel that influences our social relationships and that interacts with the human dynamics in which we are involved.

The individual is masked, but the body is uncovered and vulnerable: an anonymous figure with physical characteristics that propose themselves as exchange goods. He is surrounded by telephones that influence his movement in a claustrophobic dialogue with the world of the net: the circle – and therefore the world – opens only when body, word and image coincide in a webcam call.

An individual can be a faceless body: this happens when identity is not a meeting parameter, when the detail of the captivating body is more relevant, when everything you can want to sweeten the sense of loneliness is nearby.


Andrea Zardi, born in Piacenza in 1987, began his dance studies in 2004 with Chóros in Piacenza. Since 2007 his training has continued at Hamlyn Ballet School, Tanzfabrik (Berlin), Alex Aztewi’s New Dance Concept, Pompea Santoro’s Eko Dance project, ICD / Nuova Officina della Danza in Turin. Between 2012 and 2015 in Belgium he studied choreographic composition.
Dancer for Daniele Ninarello, Daniele Albanese, Nicoletta Cabassi / Lubber Das, Mateja Bucar, Hervé Chaussard, Artemis Danza, CIE Willy Dorner, Lyric Dance Company, Teatro Regio Torino, Teatro Comunale di Bologna, Teatro Regio di Parma, Teatro La Scala in Milan , in 2016 he created ZA | DanceWorks as an independent choreographic project. His works include Unknown (2017), Autorissimi (studio) with Gennaro Maione (2018) and Pulse (2018).
He is currently a PhD student at the Turin University (Dance and Neuroaesthetics Studies) and research fellow for the project PRIN – Per-formare il Sociale. Formazione cura e inclusione sociale attraverso il teatro, associated with the company ArtGarage – Centro Arti Coreografiche in Pozzuoli (Naples).


concept and performance: Andrea Zardi / ZA | DanceWorks
advisors: Clo Passaro, Maria Novella Tattanelli
residency: Teatro Gioia – Piacenza, CasaLUFT/Zerogrammi – Torino
studios: Eastman Summer Intensive 2017 – Antwerp, Festival Miniatures 2017 – Perugia, Principi Attivi 2017 – Milan










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