August 26, 2022 19:00

Rocca di Montestaffoli in San Gimignano | IT


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La Danza della Realtà continues the research inspired by the universe of Alejandro Jodorowsky which, as a first step, gave life to the show Galleggio, Annego, Galleggio. The path starts from the reading of “Cabaret Místico” and the short stories reported in the book, which different cultures and philosophical traditions have left us – Sufi, Buddhist, Alchemical, Koan, Haiku, Zen, Tibetan. A journey through the contradictions of the human being with attention to smile at the thought of them as ‘Knowledge and laughter merge’ (Ludwig Wittgenstein).
We are enchanted by Jodorowsky’s visionary gaze, which placed on reality and the existential condition of the human being, captures them in a precise and profound way and at the same time projects them into another surreal, fantastic dimension, expanding beyond measure their impact and significant valence. Through his gaze, existence appears to us as the journey of a traveling community, like a large circus within which an overflowing humanity, moving on an imaginary and submerged track, floats, drowns, floats in a continuous alternation.
We have explored the themes and imagery that the stories suggested to us and then gave life to an original and personal material that naturally distanced itself from the source. The central theme is the complexity of contemporary living and the ancient, ancestral nature of human being that remains even in the contemporaneity.

The choreographic project aims to combine the elaboration of dance/physical poetry with a pictorial and visionary construction of images, with the use of speech and sound, with the interaction with the original music composed by Sergio De Vito.


concept, choreography, direction, light design: Patrizia Cavola, Ivan Truol
with Nicholas Baffoni, Andrea Di Matteo, Valeria Loprieno, Cristina Meloro, Camilla Perugini
original music: Epsilon Indi
costumes: Milena Corasaniti
administration: Letizia Coppotelli
organisation: Emanuela Mino
management and diffusion: Theatron 2.0
production: Atacama
with the support of MIC Ministero della Cultura, REGIONE LAZIO – Assessorato alla Cultura e Politiche Giovanili
in co-production with Paesaggi del Corpo – Festival Internazionale Danza Contemporanea
residencies: La Scatola Dell’Arte












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