BARBER MOUSE feat. SAMUEL (Subsonica)

May 7, 2016 23:30

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT

The ticket also includes
Christophe Chassol in concert
scheduled on the same evening at 22:30

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BARBER MOUSE feat. SAMUEL (Subsonica)

Samuel (SUBSONICA), vocals
Fabrizio Rat Ferrero, piano
Stefano Risso, double bass
Mattia Barbieri, drums, percussions

A trio of prepared instruments (piano, bass, drums) playing famous Detroit techno hits and Samuel’s voice singing the most known and loved jazz pieces.
A successful experiment with genres seemingly irreconcilable, a summary in perfect balance between different musical worlds.



Aka Fabrizio Rat piano and drum machine. Hypnotic techno.

I often distrust the machine that is in me (Georges Duhamel)
I need rest, I’m not a machine (Li Na)
I want to be a machine (Andy Warhol)

A piano that sounds like a machine, a drum machine that tries to keep up.

Fabrizio Rat is a pianist and producer between the musical genres, from techno to contemporary music, from improvisation to electronics. He has developed a totally original sound universe transforming the acoustic piano into a synthesizer using DIY techniques, craft objects and studying closely the groove of sequencers and drum machines to incorporate them in his piano technique. He is the pianist of Cabaret Contemporain (electro-bio) and Magnetic Ensemble (handmade techno) and regularly plays at major festivals, clubs and theatres in France and Europe, Canada and USA.

“La Machina is my love affair with the origins of electronic music with those machines that have marked the first steps, the pace and power. Those machines that have not only rigor and precision, but also imperfections and feelings, mysteries and mood swings that make their uniqueness. I realized that I had many things to learn from machines, especially from drum machines, and that trying to really understand them and to study their secrets, I could push to new frontiers my machine, the piano. I do not know if I have found the way to look like a Machine, but I think that a new confidence has been established between them and me, and that my machines begin to indulge in follies and surprises that we would never have imagined before. ”
Fabrizio Rat

Fabrizio Rat presents an EP constructed entirely from acoustic piano and drum machine. His unique sound design is particularly impressive in a time when so much techno simply follows a blueprint instead of pushing boundaries. (JD Twich – Optimo)


[photo: Giorgio Violino]

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