Benoît Lachambre | Ricardo Rubio

Perro de Fuego Rata de Agua

September 5, 2021 16:00

PARC Performing Arts Research Centre Firenze | IT

Free admission
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Perro de Fuego Rata de Aqua is a performative sound duet between Benoît Lachambre and Ricardo Rubio. In this work, that unfolds over many hours, the performers are engaged in a vibratory ritual that explodes spatial and corporal notions by making sound dance.

Together, they create vibrating architectures, internal and external spaces that are sensitive and alive.

The tactility and mobility of the vibrations are deeply engaging and allow the spectator a singular experience. Spaces are created around bodies, constructing reflections and areas of resonances in perpetual transformation.

Like a foray into the heart of imagination and symbolism.
Like a voyage to the core of our different levels of consciousness.
Like a meditative and vibrant quest of light.

Perro de Fuego Rata de Agua, together with The Ogre, the Phoenix and the Faithful Friend by Charlie Prince,  is part of the All in All project by Benoît Lachambre. A profound reflection on multiple artistic, socio-cultural and political realities, All in All is a voyage through different territories, an invitation to experience cycles through a triangular performative coexistence uniting three cultures: Lebanese (represented by the dancer and performer Charlie Prince), Mexican (represented by the choreographer and performance artist Ricardo Rubio) and Canadian (represented by the choreographer and performer Benoît Lachambre).
The project questions us both as individuals and collectively on the resonance of bodies, movements and consciousnesses. It is an exploration of the indefatigable bonds at work in world dynamics and a questioning of the hierarchies of aesthetics.

All in All is a multi-section, multiform work that embraces cohabitation. Starting with the collaboration of artists from different cultures and different practices, this cohabitation expands into its indoor and outdoor performance sites.
The sections of All and All resonate with their surroundings, responding to the environments they are in. Color and form intertwine with wind and trees. Past and present overlap. Ritual and performance coexist. These many cohabitations are a reflection of the permeability of the world we live in and the multiplicity of ways in which we can exist.


Benoît Lachambre is committed to an exploratory approach to movement and its sources as a means to rediscovering its authenticity. His approach is deeply interwoven with the senses so that connecting the artistic and the somatic becomes a necessity. In his creative process, he aims at thoroughly exploring the empathetic experience of the performer and the spectator and the intrinsic malleability of both roles.
Ricardo Rubio is a Mexican choreographer, poet, and performance artist. He is founder and current director of the INTERflamenca dance company. His personal approach to creations is to dialogue with diverse disciplines like poetry, ethnography, performance and electronic media, to research the purpose of ancient rituals in Latin America and traditional dances in the contemporary world.


choreographic ideation and curation: Benoît Lachambre
co-creation & performance: Charlie Prince, Ricardo Rubio
dramaturge: Kathy Casey
production: Montréal Danse
co-production: Montréal Danse, Par B.L.eux, Fabbrica Europa
with support of CALQ Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec


[photo: Mayssan Charafeddine]








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