May 21, 2011 20:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


50 young musicians, dancers and media makers from Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, UK, will present the creation and production project Art’n’Go. New Routes to Intercultural Creativity.
The biennial project was launched in 2009 with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union and the coordination of Sziget Festival in the frame of the Roots&Routes International network, operating in 10+ European countries for the promotion of cultural and social diversity in contemporary performing arts and media.
In creative residencies throughout Europe, these young artists have designed and developed seven original productions combining music, dance, visuals and theatre, on the common theme of “(self)consciousness”.

From May 16 to 21, Roots & Routes International will furthermore spread through the city with workshops and installations: on the big open air piazza of the Stazione Leopolda, the public of Fabbrica Europa Festival will be welcomed by the images and sounds of the European cities involved in the Grundtvig Partnership project Urban Soundscapes, supported by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union.


artistic advice: Costas Lamproulis, Nabil Ouelhadj, Lorenzo Pallini
general coordination: Marina Bistolfi
technical direction: Saverio Cona
light design: Áron Kovács
filming coordination: Lorenzo Ciacciavicca, Francesco Ritondale


When you think you made a choice between two options, the options already have been made for you. When you want to get away from it and think you’re free, you fall into a bigger entrapment.
When will we use our consciousness for a better purpose? When will come our Braincheck?
A multimedia performance about deprivation of knowledge and self-protection to still think for yourself, make your own choices and follow your own beliefs.


concept and script: Poliana Vieira, Jeremy “Jaykidd” Moniz
direction: Poliana Vieira
text / lyrics: Poliana Vieira, Jeremy “Jaykidd” Moniz
choreography: Moustapha Bellal, Rebecca Turini, Cécile Delobeau, Faisal Hiola, Jacintha Tjon Fo, Irene Alfambra, Nadia Bounenni, Sandra “Psique” Jurado, Derya Kaptan
visuals: Mark Pot, Poliana Vieira, Gino Ricardo
music: Jeremy “Jaykidd” Moniz, Ricardo Peys a.k.a. M2TH, Poliana Vieira
on stage: Jeremy Moniz, (doctor Hollow on the video) – piano live, Derya Kaptan – dancer, Poliana Vieira – vocals, Rebecca “Realz” Turini – dancer, Irene Alfambra – dancer, Sandra “Psique” Jurado – dancer, Moustapha “Mousstik” Bellal – dancer, Cécile Delobeau – dancer, Faisal Hiola – dancer, Jacintha Tjon Fo – dancer, Nadia Bounenni, dancer
media: Fathir Ismail
sound: Adrian Newgent, Jeremy “Jaykidd” Moniz


Coloured Life
How do you see the world around you?
Do you know what is really important?
Or could you sacrifice one part of your life for another one?
You expect from other people to manage their lives better – but are you able to change?
Everything is just a matter of viewpoints. You have your choice.
The only question is this: are you brave enough to explore the colours of the world?


concept: Anna Kerényi, Ruben Vandendriessche
direction: Anna Kerényi
choreography: Anna Kerényi, Filippo Carli,
Joseph Simon, Nadia Bounenni, Olimpia Szalay
set design: Lorenzo Ciacciavicca, Fathir Ismail,
Ruben Vandendriessche
music: Stefanos Pallas mastered by Minorhead Mixing
and Mastering
costumes: Vera Molnár
on stage: Jeremy Moniz, Anna Kerényi, Filippo Carli, Joseph Simon, Nadia Bounenni, Olimpia Szalay









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