May 12, 2011 23:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


Camillocromo was born from the chance meeting of six artists, coming from different musical experiences but moved by one inner need to create an original ambience, where the music plays the role of imaginary movies soundtrack.
Searching for suggestions, far away in time and space, Camillocromo sweep from jazz, gipsy sounds to Balkan, Latin rhythms and much more.
Their performance stands out for its oneiric ambience and its special emotional potential, that spur the audience legs and imagination!


Global Kan Kan is a collective of djs, producers and musicians who mix electronic and house music, peppering everything with Balkan melodies and the syncopated rhythms of swing, offering a joyous, frenetic and, of course, “global” proposal.
Global Kan Kan proposes a metissage of genres, an accumulation of old and new sound sources, a music crossover in respect of the cultural traditions.
The current 2011 tour took off from Istanbul, one of the most important cities in the landscape of new music, and continues to look very far.


Toscana Factory is the new Fabbrica Europa “trademark”. With this logo we want to open again Stazione Leopolda up to the “Made in Tuscany”, enhancing local artistic realities, with the aim to create a network among them, and to promote and support them.
Toscana Factory is a work platform and also an open laboratory where to develop artistic energies in an international context.












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