Casual bystanders_secondo souvenir


Salvo Lombardo

May 14, 2016 19:30

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT

The installation B-Side
can be visited
from h 19:00

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Casual bystanders:

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May 15, 2016 19:30


Casual bystanders is a project launched in 2014 that has led to the creation of the homonymous performance and of a cycle of urban actions, workshops, a video installation, a photography exhibition, a sound installation and an online sharing platform.
Secondo Souvenir is the second study based on a choreographic reconfiguration a corpus of “not-extraordinary” gestures proceeding from kinetic and verbal fragments of casual bystanders observed in public places. Between 2014 and 2015 Salvo Lombardo has been observing and writing into a series of notebooks progressively numbered, their postures, their gestures, the rhythmic pace of their movement as well as sound fragments and parts of speeches.
The contexts where this material was collected are the most various places: squares, streets, shops, libraries, museums, stadiums, railways and metro stations. In parallel the artist also formed an archive with environmental recordings and samples.
These fragments are now reassembled and overlapped with parts of Petite symphonie intuitive pour un paysage de printemps by the composer Luc Ferrari who in 1973-74 created this work from “sounds fixed” during a hike on the plateau Causse Méjean.


Salvo Lombardo, performer, choreographer and director, studied modern philology at the University of Catania, and performing arts at the University La Sapienza in Rome. In 2009 he graduated at the Scuola d’Arte drammatica of the Teatro Stabile in Catania. Over the years he has collaborated with several artists of the Italian and international scene such as Claudia Castellucci, Chiara Guidi, Ferruccio Soleri, Mamadou Dioume, Emma Scialfa, Vincenzo Pirrotta, Ewa Benesz, Lina Werthmuller, Lamberto Puggelli, Nair Karunakaran Kalamandalam, Marise Flach, Massimo Foschi, Alexander Zeldin, Joan Morey. He is co-founder of Clinica Mammut, whose productions have been presented in many Italian festivals and theaters. He has taught at the Istituto Europeo of Design in Rome, Teatro Stabile di Catania and Indaco Art Camp of Cesena.
In 2015 in Rome he started ‘Struttura fine’, an independent project of education and research for dancers and performers. He is currently involved in the implementation of the project Casual Bystanders, that he is developing as a resident choreographer at Anghiari Dance Hub.


concept, choreography and direction: Salvo Lombardo
with Lucia Cammalleri, Daria Greco, Salvo Lombardo
on music by Luc Ferrari
sound overlaying: Salvo Lombardo
sound design: Fabrizio Alviti
light design and video: Luca Brinchi and Maria Elena Fusacchia
photos: Stefano Ridolfi, Spence Siss, Andrea Settanni, Michele Leccese
co-production: Fabbrica Europa, CapoTrave/Kilowatt, Progetto Goldstein, Pierfrancesco Pisani
with the support of Anghiari Dance Hub; Inteatro Festival_Polverigi; CID Cantieri/Oriente Occidente_Rovereto;
DiD Studio/Danae Festival_Milan; Teatro Spazio Electa/ACS Abruzzo_Teramo; Villaggio d’Artista_Verbania;
Verdecoprente Residenze_Umbria; Centro di Palmetta_Terni; [Non] Museo_Cesena
distribution: Elena Lamberti for Karamazov Associati
project selected for Movin’Up_GAI
runner-up of Premio Arte nel Giardino di Irene_Ass. Irene Brin | GNAM
selected for Artefatto10_Reset; GAI – Civico Museo Schmidl, Trieste


With Casual bystanders_secondo souvenir Salvo Lombardo also presents
a visual and sound path curated by Isabella Gaffè and Salvo Lombardo

B-Side is a triptych of visual and sound documents retracing part of an archiving process of “simple movements” of casual by-standers in relation to public spaces. The path is designed as a kind of ouverture and suggests a possibility of relational extension and further development of the same acts that generated it, exposing three independent and highly related documentation ways:

(video performance)
concept: Isabella Gaffè and Salvo Lombardo
video documentation and editing: Isabella Gaffè
performance: Salvo Lombardo
duration: in loop

The video, made up of the assembly of various clips filmed by Isabella Gaffè in different locations, documents some of the many urban incursions of Salvo Lombardo; the work focuses on the artist’s gesture and is also a further gesture conceived in the relation of the perception between performers, by-standers and videomakers. From this triangulation the video is at the same time an archive and a reflection on the archive; suggestion on the concept of documentation and cataloging, of memory and of the museum; a cabinet de curiosité in a digital and random format.

(sound installation + relational action)
concept: Salvo Lombardo
sound design: Fabrizio Alviti
type: audioguide
duration: changing / in loop

The installation offers a sound path whose fruition by headphone is conceived as immersive and interactive dimension. The track plays the verbal enunciation of a corpus of gestural fragments that describe the movements that have been transcribed during a series of urban actions of collecting and cataloging. Each spectator can interpret them as prescriptions trying, in total autonomy, to re-act, repeat, trace, develop and expand what remains of a physical memory destined to generate a new motoric and choreographic thought.

(visual atlas + relational action)
concept and development: Salvo Lombardo

It is a visual atlas that consists of one hundred and thirty QR Codes containing a kind of spelling book of independent gestures and movements; the viewer is invited to observe the images, decode them, “listen” and then re-incorporate them starting from their reading. The codes, which require a visual synthesis, bring out a constellation of tracks and memories of the bodily experience to which they refer; the purpose is to highlight the impossibility of documenting and exhaustively classifying what, by its nature, can not be codified: the perceptible experience.

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