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June 18, 2013 21:00

CANGO Cantieri Goldonetta di Firenze | IT

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The ticket includes
also the performance
by Marina Giovannini

also on June 19, 2013 21:00


Understanding the oracle can be purely and simply achieved by abandoning ones set course of choices overcoming ones own personal desires is a jump of faith into the hands of nature. This is most likely what John Cage also found in writings of Henry David Thoreau, or immersing himself in nature, in his known passion for mushrooms.
Our artistic interest here is in the configuration of the event in the moment of creation itself, through a performance that fosters synchronicity beyond the hypothetical (and poetic) reasons behind the coincidences.
This performance aims to increase the aesthetic perception of the event “a-syntactic”, “a-causal” and “a-temporal” as an element of reality.
In this way, art can still assert its original and contradictory relationship with the natural world.
Charlotte Zerbey


idea by Charlotte Zerbey
dance: Massimiliano Barachini, Claudia Catarzi, Alessandro Certini, Elena Giannotti, Charlotte Zerbey
music by Steve Noble (recordings and drums)
production supported by MIBAC, Regione Toscana, Spazio Performativo ed Espositivo (Vorno, LU)
commissioned by the Associazione Culturale dello Scompiglio
within the project “John Cage: 4’33” Lezione sui funghi”
premiere within the project “John Cage: 4’33” Lezione sui funghi” – 10 November 2012

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