Cia Tiziana Arnaboldi


August 27, 2022 19:30

Giardino del Monastero di San Girolamo a San Gimignano | IT

10€ / 7€*
*under 18, university students, Intesa Sanpaolo employees and account holders, members of the Sottomondo Association, theatre and dance schools students, over 65, guests of affiliated accommodation facilities, holders of Musei Civici tickets and San Gimignano Pass

+ 39 328 1493675

Autour du corps is a tribute to the Bauhaus, the search for a renewal force through the exploration of new visions around body and space.

The idea for the project started from a vision that came to me by observing a photograph from a Bauhaus magazine, depicting a cone-shaped object. I transformed this shape into a costume: a long four-kilo skirt made up of nine concentric wooden rings, each with a different diameter. The skirt-object stimulates the repertoire of the dancers, pushed to change the image of their body and their habits relating to space and the relationship with each other, creating a new vocabulary and a new quality of movements. The transformation of the object becomes a machine of the stage set-up. Its continuous movement, made up of an infinite series of spirals, lines and points, creates unexpected orientations and trajectories to rediscover the “place” that is inside and outside the human being. Opposite entities emerge to the viewer: light-shadow, gravity-lightness, path-threshold, an allegory of the human condition. In the space a dance is drawn that becomes pressing, insistent and constant in its architecture that is deconstructed around a circular plot, making the show strongly cosmic and capable of giving life to surprising and figures.
– Tiziana Arnaboldi


choreography: Tiziana Arnaboldi
dancers: Eleonora Chiocchini, Françoise Parlanti
music by Mauro Casappa
object: Claudia Broggi
light design: François Gendre, Elia Albertella
co-production: Teatro San Materno Ascona, Neuestheater Basilea-Dornach
with the support of Repubblica e Cantone Ticino DECS Swisslos, Comune di Ascona, Fondazione Carl Weidemeyer, Fondazione Pende











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