Collettivo MINE


May 7, 2022 20:30

Palazzo della Regione Padova | IT

as part of Prospettiva Danza Teatro 2022 – 24th edition EQUILIBRI


Corpi Elettrici is a choreographic project by Collettivo MINE that was initially born as a special project by Gender Bender and the Conservatorio G.B. Martini in Bologna, developed during the lockdown to let the 5 dancemakers work together with 20 students of Electronic Music and Applied Music courses.

From these meetings, which took place in the form of videoconferencing sessions, 20 short video works were created, each of which is the result of the deep and poetic dialogue between a dance maker and a student of the Conservatory. From these 20 videos Collettivo MINE has developed a new creation for the stage.
Corpi Elettrici is the live transposition of this synergistic path, a danced disc, a collective reflection on the solo and on the electricity between bodies that interact electrically even if they do not touch each other, only in reciprocity.


choreography and performance: Francesco Saverio Cavaliere, Siro Guglielmi, Fabio Novembrini, Roberta Racis, Silvia Sisto
original sound compositions: Ladan Abedini, Cristian Albani, Maele Allorio, Pier Francesco Amadei, Mitja Bichon, Gioele Billi, Dario Boschi, Salvatore Bovalina, Yuri Casali, Biagio Cavallo, Lorenza Ceregini, Alessandro Cherubini, Matteo Davoli, Simone Domizi, Alireza Farajan Hamed, Olmo Frabetti, Vicky Koushiappa, Marco Melilli, Marco Menditto, William Succi
sound design: Daniela Cattivelli
external eye: Giulio Sonno
promotion: Jean-François Mathieu
executive production: Fabbrica Europa
with support of CSC Centro per la Scena Contemporanea di Bassano del Grappa
selected for Aerowaves section ’40 Winks’ 2021










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