Collettivo MINE


February 25, 2022 20:45

Teatro Comunale di Vicenza | IT


Esercizi per un manifesto poetico (Exercises for a poetic manifesto) is Collettivo MINE‘s debut work, created when the company was founded.
The manifesto is written through movement, in a dance practice composed by five performers.

The individual’s breath and the group’s unison merge together. Bodilily plasticity becomes inspiration for the danced language and for a collective poetics.
The piece revolves around a single staged action, both powerfuland clearly structured, which is a tool for shared writing, capable of generating a unified body. A hypnotic and fascinating choreography which investigates the co-presence of rigorous scores and of a vibrant and welcoming affective performance.


choreography, creation and dance: Francesco Saverio Cavaliere, Fabio Novembrini, Siro Guglielmi, Roberta Racis, Silvia Sisto
original music: Samuele Cestola
light design: Luca Serafini
executive production: Fabbrica Europa












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