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May 5, 2009 - May 10, 2009 21:30

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Mutando riposa is a chamber play for two actors and twenty spectators. The plot is essential. A small garden, rich and luxuriant, undergoes sudden devastation. Only a few leafless trees remain like skeletons, a broken, splintered branch, some fruit.
The man who has lived there and cared for it for years wakes up to find the few remains. He has lost everything that nourished the solitude of his life. The owner of that tiny Eden, who had almost totally forgotten its existence to the point of ignoring the presence of his gardener, is now forced to listen to his account of that small world, the songs that echo stubbornly from the dead, tenacious branches in that suddenly old and empty world. Overcoming the initial, anguished refusal, the gardener takes him to see the ruins, to get to know the tiny secrets of that garden, finally discovering a reality that until that moment he had not wanted or been able to recognise.

Mutando riposa is a play that matured around the exploration of the origin of consciousness with the work of actors, scholars from various disciplines, and rehearsal spectators during a series of encounters and journeys. The theatrical declension emerged from the need to reactivate a number of aspects of the work which had remained in the shadows during rehearsals of the previous shows of the Compagnia Laboratorio di Pontedera: the creation of certain kinds of emotional and perceptive resonance common to actors and spectators at the moment when, together, they step outside the framework of the show.
Stefano Geraci


direction: Roberto Bacci
with: Savino Paparella and Tazio Torrini
dramaturgy: Stefano Geraci
original music: Ares Tavolazzi
production: Fondazione Pontedera Teatro 2009













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