Compagnia Xe | Avi Kaiser | Steven Brown


October 17, 2021 18:00

Teatro Comunale Niccolini San Casciano | IT

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Inspired by the Book of the Prophet Jonah, Bible / Old Testament

The coordinates of time so exact yet so I’m predictable, man’s will so strong but also so fragile, the depth of the sea, the belly of the fish, darkness in contrast with the light, the shaded plants, unexpected happiness, obedience to God’s plan, his endless compassion which bumps against our personal and partial judgement.
– J.A. Anzilotti

The title of the performance refers to the last question God expresses to Giona at the end of the book: Do you think it’s right to get so angry? […] Why? because I have the biggest compassion ever, and you don’t, because I forgive the biggest sins and instead you want revenge, punishment, destruction?

These are the basis of a choreographic and musical project which involves two Italian dancers of the Compania Xe, Paola Bedoni and Livia Bartolucci, the guest choreographer and dancer from Israel Avi Kaiser who interprets Jonah, the American composer Steven Brown and the Dutch musician Luc Van Lieshout.

The musical score is specifically composed by Steven Brown, founder of the cult group Tuxedomoon in collaboration with the trumpeteer Luc Van Lieshout and on this occasion will be played live.

In these last few years Company Xe has given through consideration to the relationship between issues described in biblical texts and those which pertain to the contemporary human being.
The research carried out produced a first performance inspired by the Book of Psalms … e d’oro le sue piume (2013). Then it was the Book of Qoelet that originated C’è un tempo (2019) a show that has given the impulse to investigate Jonah’s Book, a text that has been a source of inspiration for writers as Carlo Lorenzini and Henry Melville.


project, choreography and direction: Julie Ann Anzilotti
with the collaboration of guest choreographer and dancer Avi Kaiser
and with Paola Bedoni, Livia Bartolucci
original music composition: Steven Brown and Luc Van Lieshout
set design: Tiziana Draghi
costumes: Loretta Mugnai
organization: Lorenza Tosi
production: Compagnia Xe
supported by Municipality of San Casciano Val di Pesa, Toscana Region, MiC – Ministry of Culture, Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo onlus, Fondazione Fabbrica Europa, Cultural Office – Embassy of Israel in Italy
with the contribution of Fondazione CR Firenze


[photo: Lucia Baldini, detail]









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