Company Blu

Tell me

May 10, 2009 22:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


Tell Me is a performance that talks about the making of our own identity.
The dancer/actor interacts on stage with his digital double self in a dialogue that often gives space to ironic misunderstandings between the two characters.
In the piece there are two aspects that mirror each other, the aesthetic and the linguistic, both investigate the interior space with a weaving of relationships between text and dance that the body/author sustains.


Company Blu. Charlotte Zerbey and Alessandro Certini’s artistic projects share a common vision of the body: a subjective yet vibrant physical/spiritual vehicle found within a system of relations and changes that each particular creative project calls fourth. Within their artistic exploration, conducted in Europe since 1979, they have brought together dancers, musicians, video artists interested in the act of performing in the fragility and precariousness of the present moment. This unique movement language combines formal and instinctive aspects by bringing together choreography and pure improvisation. The company creations are a composed “product”, being defined before each performance as well as a “process”, a system of immediate and direct movement. The strength of Company Blu’s dance is its tangibility, the capacity to create choreographic relationships while also creating human relationships. Certini and Zerbey bring their creations to a public by using the body as material of intuition and thought, using theme to liberate dance from its usual esthetic confines. Each project emphasizes a creative relationship with other artistic disciplines often in concert with live music and originally composed scores. The exchange of different poetic and cultural backgrounds makes the interaction between dancers, musicians and visual artists magnetic. Company Blu’s activities are supported by Italian Ministry of Culture, Tuscany Region, Florence Province, and City of Sesto Fiorentino.


choreography, dance, voice: Alessandro Certini
multimedia: Federico Bucalossi
sound design: Spartaco Cortesi
light design: Paolo Magni















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