Costanzo/Rustioni Ensemble


May 23, 2009 19:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


within Cantieri Teatrali per Fabbrica Europa


Investigating Haruki Murakami
It is wondering what the reality of facts is, once the event has lived or before it is lived, the second before, full of useless thoughts. We ask ourselves for the rhythm, consistency, melody. Who was and where the body is now. The body that maybe loved us and that now is not there anymore, and if at last it was so important the body.
You wonder if you had done good or bad, right or wrong, and if you are still able to enjoy dancing, let alone go, simply, without thinking. It starts from scratch and crashes into the darkness, wavering, decrypting signs, following clues that unexpectedly appear in their blazing evidence, with the runner running for dark corridors, leaving behind the black well and without turning, to find themselves in the light and warm light, at least for a while in this time that remains.


Costanzo/Rustioni Ensemble
Milena Costanzo and Roberto Rustioni met in 1991 in the theatrical company of Giorgio Barberio Corsetti with whom they worked for many shows. They also collaborate with various projects by Claudio Morganti and other directors. After some separate experiences, they undertook a joint research work from which, through various workshops and studies, they were born: Està bien and A circle to the head . They have participated in various shows, including the Theatre of Glass, Castiglioncello, Short Theater. Finalists at the 2nd edition of the Dante Cappelletti Prize with the first study by Està Bien and through the Dimora Fragile announcement at the Festival Es.terni with a head circle. Their work, found in the body and its possibilities as a founding element, questions the role of the author-author and the various theatrical languages, taking away from the so-called theater of prose and direction. Their is a completely independent and non-institutional experience.


by and with: Milena Costanzo and Roberto Rustioni
scenes and costumes: Camilla Magnani
with the contribution of Olinda Association of Milan, Armunia Castiglioncello, Fabbrica Europa










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