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July 20, 2024 - August 16, 2024

Mid-Mountain Dancers Art Week Changsha | CN

International project

Within the CRISOL – creative processes project, supported by the Boarding Pass Plus program of the Ministry of Culture, the Italian choreographers and dancers Pierandrea Rosato and Michele Scappa and the sound artist Katatonic Silentio will be in Changsha (China) for a residency at the Mid-Mountain Dancers Art Week. They will work with the director-choreographer Lian Guodong and the choreographer and dancer Lei Yan on the project something not right together with the performers of  Mid-Mountain Dancers Pan Yu, company’s artistic director, Xie Ziling and Xiao Jin, accompanied by the cultural operator Fabrizio Massini.

Starting from everyday life, something not right questions the concept of “right”, or correct, in the most varied contexts such as politics, gender identity, collective memory.
Investigating the concept of “correctness”, the project focuses on everything that can be (and is) labeled as “wrong” or “incorrect”: reflections, policies, sexual orientations, collective and personal memory, history, aesthetics, art, body, movements, rhythms, traditions, future.

The first results of this creative process will be presented in Changsha as part of the Mid-Mountain Dancers Art Week.

Lian Guodong is an independent choreographer, dancer, and co-founder of L-Square Performance. After graduating in literature from Capita Normal University, he trained in contemporary dance at the Beijing Modern Dance Company. In 2004 he joined the Jinx Dance Theater in Shanghai and in 2005 he joined Beijing Dance / LDTX. Choreographer and dancer since 2006, he has collaborated with numerous companies such as Living Dance Studio, Paper Tiger and Wang Jianwei. He was invited by Emio Greco / PC to Amsterdam in 2010 with the dance project “Beyond China”, and received a scholarship from the America Dance Festival in 2012. His works have been invited to many festivals in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Kunming and Hong Kong. He has started a long-term cooperation with Lei Yan since 2015.

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