Olimpia Fortuni | Katatonic Silentio


October 22, 2023 - October 27, 2023

Asian Civilisations Museum Singapore | SG

As part of the CRISOL – creative processes project, the choreographer and dancer Olimpia Fortuni and the sound artist Katatonic Silentio are at the Asia-Europe Cultural Festival 2023 in Singapore, where at the end of a period of residency they present their work X at the Asian Civilisations Museum on September 27.

X is a journey between music and dance. The show is inspired by the shamanic tradition, the form of spirituality with the most ancient origins, a practice that does not end with a cult or a religion but is rather a tool for greater awareness and a deeper connection with oneself, nature and others. The central figure is Artemis who embodies the archetype of the independent, tenacious and at the same time reflective, intuitive, and passionate woman.

Sound, body, movement, natural and artificial architectures are tools for this compositional performance. The title X represents the symbol whose crossed lines are the bridge to communicate with each other. It is a journey in which the performers, in the role of researchers/explorers, accompany the audience to another place for a sensory experience towards their inner world.

The project is in continuous transformation thanks to the margin of non-definition that allows constant research. For the Asia-Europe Cultural Festival 2023, the Malaysian choreographer and dancer January Low will join the performance. This new version of the piece will highlight the cultural exchange between Asian and Western culture.

The encounter of the female characters – priestesses/warriors, marks the moment in which music and dance, complementary since mankind has existed, become the key to accessing a universe in which one awakens from spiritual slumber: the gaze returns within us.

concept: Olimpia Fortuni
music: Katatonic Silentio
performers: Olimpia Fortuni, January Low, Katatonic Silentio
study of shamanic practices: Corinna Ciulli
co-production: Sosta Palmizi and Fondazione Fabbrica Europa
residency support: Olinda/TeatroLaCucina and Dance Nucleus
supported by Embassy of Italy in Singapore

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photo: Monia Pavoni











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