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May 5, 2012 21:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


project and choreography: Leone Barilli
musical selection: Gea Brown
interpreters: Elena Barsotti, Paola Fazioli, Valeria Scalisi,
Antonio Guadagno, Vito Lorusso

My interest in the atmospheres, both incisive and rarefied, of electronic music comes from my first experiences in choreography. Electronic music is an element enabling me to make contact with the contemporary; it is linked to my own personal research on the body as a biologically complex machine, a technologically sophisticated instrument.
However, what I aim to activate is not an abstract or anti-emotional observation; indeed, the neutrality of the body enables me to explore different emotional levels that are outside a merely narrative/interpretative concept. The emotion lies in the swerves of unpredictability in choreographic construction; it uses the path of truth in action that I ask of the dancers. My aim is rhythm, the construction and reshaping of space in the play of choreography. The main subject in fact becomes space itself, which requires to be danced, to be crossed and over-run by bodies in movement.
Leone Barilli


direction and choreography: Annalì Rainoldi
music: Beats Antique, Arvo Pärt and original music by Dual Lyd
interpreter: Federica Maine

I created this solo on myself through the incessant need to answer this question: what do thoughts sound like when one lives through a phase subject to total perturbation? I wanted to sound out the direction in which one pushes one’s body in searching for one’s own memory. What I wish to stage is a study on being, at a certain time, in a certain place and state.
Through my body, I wish to convey the investigation and research into an inner movement, thanks to the magic side of dance and motion. The body becomes the means of this condition through gestuality and the study of the lights and the atmosphere to be reflected. The value of this is certainly and purely ephemeral, but its truth is confirmed by the most immediate and primeval means at our disposal: the body.
Annalì Rainoldi


choreography: Paolo Arcangeli
music: “La follia”, sonata in D minor Op. 1 no. 12 RV63 – Onofri,
Antonini, Il Giardino Armonico, Bianchi
interpreters: Gisela Carmona Gálvez, Umberto De Luca, Alessandro Riga

A new creation for Fabbrica Europa
A piece by the young choreographer Paolo Arcangeli for three of MaggioDanza’s extraordinary interpreters: principal dancers Gisela Carmona Gálvez and Umberto De Luca, and the resident guest star Alessandro Riga.
Paolo Arcangeli, although still living his first experiences in the field of choreography, tends towards a language raised on the pillars of the urge to query important themes. On man in his complexity and completeness, on the differing aspects of being and of existing, on the emotional and physical “concatenations” that drive the frequently distorted relations between people.








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