Dj set

May 22, 2010 23:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


a CityMix project
conceived by Andrea Mi
curated by Fabbrica Europa, Musicus Concentus, Intooitiv


Overlapping Discrete Boundaries live set
music: Dickson Dee
live video: Alessandro Carboni

The urban tensions of some Asian megalopolis told in sound and visual journey. During about two months Alessandro Carboni and Dickson Dee have explored the urban spaces of the Asian South East through an experimental urban analysis between video, sound and new technologies. The collected materials are re-modulated and presented in this sound and video live set.

Dickson Dee
Sound artist, producer, composer, label founder, organizer, curator, Dickson Dee has been engaged in the music industry for more than 20 years. His career started from importing European independent labels to Hong Kong, China and Taiwan; followed by establishing his own music label, organizing concerts etc. His experience includes distribution, import/export, creation, publishing, promotion, artist management and other kinds of works in the industry.
He has made a great contribution to the development of independent music in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. In 1996, Dickson’s debut solo album PAST was released under Tzadik label (USA). Since then, he began to set foot on the creation field with musical styles ranging from avant-garde to experimental, music concrete, electronic, new classical, industrial noise, dance, electronic world jazz etc. He has performed under different names and formed several bands. He has collaborated with many artists such as Zbigniew Karkowski, Otomo Yoshihide, Sainkho Namtchylak, Maja Ratkje,Sachiko M, Werner Dafeldecker, Patrick Pulsinger,Cdrk,Tujiko Noriko, Tetsuo Furadate,Yoshida Tatsuya, Keiji Haino,Adichi Tomomi, Astro, Makigami Koichi, Kang Taehwan, Lawrence English, Electronicat, Park Je Chun, Jonas Hellborg, Uwe Dierksen, VJ Milosh, Dr Das. Dickson set up his personal label Dicksonia Audio beside Noise Asia, which concentrates on the release and publishing of his own works.

Alessandro Carboni is a multidisciplinary artist who divides his efforts between different practices. His focal interest is on body movement and its relation to the surrounding spaces.
For several years now, Carboni has been studying visual art, choreography. In the last 5 years Alessandro has been working on creating a new methodology ROT – rules of thumbs, for choreography, which combines elements of dance, visual art, urban geography, mathematics and system theory.
At present, he is expanding the scope of this research, which incorporates the activities of ‘LaDU: Multimedia Laboratory of Urban Density’ at the University of Architecture in Cagliari.
Carboni teaches ‘Methodology and Performance Practice’ for a Master course in Performance Design and Practice at Central Saint Martins in London, ‘Digital Performance’ for the Master course Digital Environment Design at NABA in Milan. He teaches also at the school of Architecture in Hong Kong.


Nakadia dj set
The cliché “practice makes perfect” seems to define Nakadia. Having played the dance floors of the world, Nakadia has developed through different genres of electronic music and finally found herself in techno and tech-house. By playing to different people every weekend she has learned to read the crowd and react with them in perfect unity. Her musical and technical qualities behind the decks are complimented by Nakadia’s vibrant personality and strong stage presence. It is just about impossible to name a turntable artist that could be compared to Nakadia.
Only a few weeks per year Nakadia is playing her resident clubs in Thailand, including the famous Fullmoon party. Most weekends she can be found at the top clubs around the globe. In 2006, Nakadia performed as only deejay at the closing ceremonies of the World Cup Football at Berlin Olympic stadium and later would accomplish every deejays dream by playing Love Parade to over a million people. Loveparade booked her back again in 2008, featuring her during the live TV broadcast of the event.
In 2009 Nakadia has established herself as one of Asia’s few top Deejays. The doubters have been silenced by her breathtaking sets, her fans fill up clubs wherever she appears and once again Nakadia’s schedule is filled throughout the year with worldwide performances. The highlight of the year 2009 will be another Loveparade performance in Johannisburg.
On the production side, Nakadia has had 7 releases on several labels, including her own labels “K-Dia” and “Khonburi Underground”.










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