Digitale Purpurea I

Daniele Albanese

May 13, 2015 22:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT

Digitale Purpurea (Foxgloves): herbaceous plant whose flowers are arranged in clusters, pendants, tubular terminals, of a color which varies from purple to pink, yellow or white.
The essence of foxgloves can be used as a drug to treat heart failure. In excessive doses the plant is highly toxic and can be deadly for humans.

Digitale Purpurea I is the research of a continuous dance between movement and sound, constant mutation of dynamics and presence.
The dance takes place through a study of the movement in terms of speed and time, while encountering live music and lights.
The choreography is designed as a counterpoint to the physical score, sound and light, and as a concert of these elements.
The movement is a stream, a continuous flowing forced to face the forms in order to engage the viewer in a common area of great power.
Designed as a modular project that can vary its shape and number of performers depending on the context.
The forces of nature and its dynamics are the main engine for the dance, its textures and its contrasts.


author: Daniele Albanese
original live music: Patrizia Mattioli
lighting design: Yannick de Sousa Mendes, Deborah Penzo
live lights action, technicians: Deborah Penzo, Gianluca Bergamini
dance: Daniele Albanese, Francesca Burzacchini, Elisa Dal Corso, Pietro Pireddu
management: Elisa Longeri
artistic residencies and support: Europa Teatri, Parma; AMAT & Comune di Pesaro;
Spazio 84, Parma; Fondazione Nazionale della Danza/Aterballetto
production: Stalk 2014


[photo: Sergio Cipollina]
Duration: 35 min


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