Showcase of young danceauthors

May 16, 2013 21:00

Teatro Cantiere Florida di Firenze | IT

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Martina Francone
ARIA DI VETRO (12 mins)

by and with: Martina Francone and Simone Tecla
choreography: Martina Francone
music: Simone Tecla
costumes: Francesca Zambernardi

The performance is the first study in a multi-disciplinary project inspired by Ovid’s Metamorphoses. The text becomes the source through its expressive, symbolic force. The performers explore the possibility of a continuous change in dimension, modelling space and rapidly transforming material and meanings. Aria di Vetro offers an environment made of images, sounds and movements, and also of scents, colours and tastes in which all the elements mix together, alternating one with the other like reflections of light.


Claudia Catarzi
(17 mins)

by and with Claudia Catarzi
with the support of Inteatro / Polverigi, Fondazione Teatro Metastasio Stabile della Toscana, Centro Artistico il Grattacielo

I have removed everything, put everything aside. I have not asked for support for creative, imaginative ideas or reality other than those existing. I have attempted to bring everything down to basics, to the minimum indispensably necessary to start out. I have found a body, my body, the instrument I possess, basically the most suitable one for this journey.
I asked myself not to do but to react, to let things emerge, to inhibit any intentional action, thus finding myself throughout the piece thinking only of going ahead, as if along a pre-established track of which however only the apparent form is laid out, its shell, its own particular features.


Jari Boldrini e Martina Platania / Compagnia Opus Ballet
(11 mins)

by and with Jari Boldrini and Martina Platania
music by various composers
production: Opus Ballet 2012
The activity of the Opus Ballet Company is supported by the Tuscany Region

“Do you play, don’t you play…?”
A continuous instigation to take up the challenge, an interminable play among the parties… of looks, gestures, words and the magic of being able to play throughout life. The awareness and the desire to take risks and, together, to play it out forever.


Francesca Foscarini
(15 mins)

by and with Francesca Foscarini
light design: Tiziano Ruggia
costumes: Federica Todesco
production ALDES and Kilowatt Festival
with the support of CSC Casa della Danza – Bassano del Grappa
developed within the choreographical research project CHOREOROAM 2010 promoted by
Operaestate Festival Veneto (Bassano del Grappa), The Place (London), Dansateliers (Rotterdam), Dance Week Festival (Zagabria), Dansescenen (Copenhagen), Teatro Pradillo/Certamen (Madrid)

What happens when the will abdicates and the body allows itself to be guided by movement itself?
When you abandon yourself to the pleasure of being lost in the vast emptiness of space?
You seek the right position for your body, for that body of which only the bones, tinkling like glass, remain.

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