May 6, 2018 16:30

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT

PICCOLO ENSEMBLE DI COMUNICAZIONE is a performance that consists in the live performance of an original composition for telephone answering machines.
The telephone answering machines are activated by eight students of the Liceo Francesco Petrarca in Arezzo, who have learned to use the analogical medium during the music technology lessons.
The boys of this age group belong to a generation that does not know and has never used the machine with cassette tape connected to a home phone. A generation that does not know the wait or the possibility of not being found or the planning required by a world without a cell phone. On the other hand, it is a generation that uses the vocal message as the main means of communication, more than phone calls and text messages.
A dialogue among generations: the youngsters will take the part of the voices from the past, but will have to dialogue with them, thus creating new messages using only answering machines. Each performer will have an answering machine with one or more tapes that he will have to start, stop and record with a certain degree of freedom but following some musical dialectic rules and listening to others.

The performance is founded upon ENZO SONO LINA, an archive of voice messages contained in out-of-use answering machines. The collection of tapes came from all over Italy and was limited to analogic recordings on microcassettes, in use in the Eighties and Nineties, so close and so remote in time when the omnipresent internet connection did not yet exist and when it was impossible to imagine what it meant to be always available wherever one happened to be. A dive back into the recent past to a way of life so utterly different, so much so that we hardly remember it, but which returns to life as soon as we listen to these old tapes.

The performance will be entirely recorded and will be presented as an installation on May 7, 10, and 13.
an ENECE FILM production
project by Giulia La Marca, Enrico Gabrielli and Tommaso Perfetti
in co-production with Fabbrica Europa
musical writing: Enrico Gabrielli
with the participation of the students of Liceo Musicale Franceso Petrarca, Arezzo
with the collaboration of Roberto Paris, Elisa Piria, Guglielmo Trupia, Giulia Valenti and Laura Viezzoli
tapes and answering machines are part of ENZO SONO LINA ARCHIVIO DI NASTRI E SEGRETERE TELEFONICHE, a cinematographic project supported by “SILLUMINA Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura”











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