Enzo Cosimi


October 2, 2020 21:00

Teatro Studio Mila Pieralli Scandicci | IT


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by Enzo Cosimi

The creation, which of its nature is both choerography/performace and installation, arises from an investigative reflection on the themes of social marginalisation, on the figure of the homeless and on his/her regal solitude within contemporary society.
The work, developed upon previous studies of the director, is carried out in collaboration with associations of persons without fixed abode, an underground world, inhabited by borderline personalities who choose or who find themselves living dramatically on the edges of today’s society. The life-experience of the homeless represents the dramaturgical fulcrum of this work, is inspired by the art of Joseph Beuys.
For costumes, the project sees the collaboration of designer Fabio Quarante, among the most interesting and innovative of contemporary stylists of fashion design.
A visionary catwalk show accompanied by video portraits of homeless persons shot in their life situations, becomes a tableau vivant, a singular ‘tracking shot’ that takes on the semblance of a fairy tale, immersed within a suspended and rarefied restlessness. In this manner, contemporary sensibilities somewhat ‘dirty’ the untouchable aura of the Homeless – Prince, in a prespective that is at once both esthetic and socio-political, to bring about a political choreography, devoid of commonplace rhetoric.

As part of Fabbrica Europa, the project is carried out in collaboration with Caritas Diocesana Firenze and Culter.


direction, video, choreography: Enzo Cosimi
lighting design: Giovanni Magnarelli
cello: Flavia Passigli
with the participation of Abdul, Alessandro, Andrea, Anna C., Anna F., Antonella, Cristina, Darush, Elena, Grazia, Guido, Marta, Maurizio, Paolo, Rosangela, Salvatore, Simona, Zoran
organization: Anita Bartolini
production: Compagnia Enzo Cosimi, MIBACT, Cagliari Capitale Italiana della Cultura 2015
in collaboration with Fondazione Teatro della Toscana


[photo: Daniela Zedda]













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