Marco Parente

Eppur non basta

May 7, 2017 19:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT

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Marco Parente comes back with “Eppur non basta” 20 years after the debut.
“Eppur Non Basta” was released in March 1997 as a part of the series Taccuini del Consorzio Produttori Indipendenti, and when Consorzio ceased to exist, the album went out of print; it was a bit like an orphan or a ghost.

“During those years – says Marco Parente – I couldn’t satisfy those listeners who at the end of a concert were asking me for a copy of the album. One couldn’t find it anywhere; it was almost a collectors item. Even I couldn’t buy a copy. But a debut album has always a special place in one’s heart, and the intention of finding it and reviving it after 20 years surely has a lot to do with a deep need for reconciliation with time and also and especially with the pleasure of getting up on a stage in Florence again, with the same band, the same sound engineer and the same co-producer. People whom I was lucky to meet in my life, very talented people and people with hidden talent, which value I could never resist”.

The protagonist on the stage will be the original band formed by Erika Giansanti and Paolo Clementi (viola), Jeppe Catalano (drums), Gionni Dall’Orto (bass), Luca Marianini (trumpet), Giovanni Gasparini (producer) and Giacomo Costa (visual and lights). Special guest – Irene Grandi.


Marco Parente was born in Naples but moved to Florence; in the early nineties he collaborated with Andrea Chimenti and C.S.I., and in 1997 he began his solo career. During the thriving period of City Lights in Florence he works with Ferlinghetti, Jodorowski and Giorno. At the same time Byrne includes some of his pieces in rotation on his webradio. During his career of twenty years he released eight albums, enriched by collaborations with Cristina Donà, Manuel Agnelli (Afterhours), Stefano Bollani and Paolo Benvegnù.





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