Habillé d’eau

June 22, 2017 21:00

Teatro della Limonaia Sesto Fiorentino | IT

I’d like to remove words from fact.
The fact is the body, absolute construction, closed in the matter, matter, questioning, evident even in absence of cognition, intention being awake.
Semblance, simulacrum.

For many years I have been looking for a logical and existential passage that my work demands. I draw a rough parallel between the human condition of being thrown – the fall in the Time – and the theatrical machine, device that re-presents, by the arm of exposure to the World, the original condition of opening, foundation of every feeling, of sense.

The project Euphoria will be developed in different sections. The first unfinished part was presented at Short Theatre Festival, in Rome, in September 2016. The whole project will be finally performed still in Rome, in India Theatre, in September 2017.
Original music. Three figures. Hypothesis: that senses give image to time.
Silvia Rampelli


Silvia Rampelli has a degree in Philosophy and since 1990 has explored the meaning of the performative presence, researching the nature of the action and focusing on the human figure as an aesthetic-cognitive object. In 2002 she founded Habillé d’eau with Alessandra Cristiani and Gianni Staropoli as light designer. Since then, Habillé d’eau produced: Studio for Attis, winner “Enzimi Danza 2002 for creative originality”; Refettorio, winner “Generation Scenario 2003”, winner the “Award for the specificity and originality of language and body techniques” at the 2004 International Teatarfest of Sarajevo, and winner “Movin’ Up 2004”, with the support of the Association for Young Italian Artists’ Network; Ragazzocane created for the 37th Venice Biennale – International Theatre Festival, curated by Romeo Castellucci, 2005.
From 2006 Habillé d’eau focused its research on ‘time’ to brief works which culminated in Stato Secondo, winner of Pontedera Theatre production award “4 Cantieri per Fabbrica Europa 2008”.
It develops parallel actions for non-theatrical locations, among others: Camera – contemporary Festival, Prato 07, and the project L’igiene – Natura Dèi Teatri, Parma 2010.
In 2012 Habillé d’eau comes back to a theatrical creation: Or, produced by ZTL Pro in collaboration with Fondazione Romaeuropa / Palladium and Teatro di Roma. In 2013 produced Courtesy of, video project for the Malta Festival, Poznan. In 2014 produced Strutture elementari dell’azione, with Romeo Castellucci and Alessandra Cristiani, project for Università Roma Tre – Dipartimento Filosofia, Comunicazione e Spettacolo.
Habillé d’eau has presented its works in Italy, Bosnia, France, Poland and the United Stated.


concept and direction: Silvia Rampelli
dance: Alessandra Cristiani, Eleonora Chiocchini, Valerio Sirna
light: Gianni Staropoli
music: Tiago Felicetti, Charlie Pitts
quadrophonics: Daniel Bacalov
production: Habillé d’eau
support: Short Theatre, Angelo Mai







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