Exchange of practices


May 12, 2019 17:00

PARC Performing Arts Research Centre Firenze | IT

Exchange of practices and presentation of their own artistic research with Yu Yanan, Chinese choreographer and teacher, and Jacopo Jenna, choreographer, performer, videomaker, open to dancers and performers interested in deepening the theme of intercultural exchange.

What new aspects of ourselves can come to light through intercultural collaboration?
What is the potential of this type of practice?
Which communication codes emerge only in contact with each other?


Yu Yanan is an independent dancer and choreographer from Wuhan (central China). Formed in traditional Chinese dance from the age of 11, she graduated from the Wuhan Music Conservatory and began her career in the Guangdong Modern Dance Company (Canton) from 2012 to 2013, before moving to the Houying Dance Theater (Beijing) in 2014. She has performed in Russia (Open Look Dance Festival), Belgium (EU-China Year of Intercultural Dialog), Israel (Karmiel Dance Festival). She continued her studies in the United States with an MFA at Bennington College in 2018. She taught contemporary technique, improvisation, composition and traditional Chinese dance at the Guangzhou Academy, at Bennington College and at the Scuola Paolo Grassi in Milan. As a freelance she collaborated with the Tibetan choreographer Sang Jijia for the Fabbrica Europa’s co-production Pa|Ethos and presented her works at China Dance Foward (Hong kong) and Guangdong Dance Festival.

Jacopo Jenna is a choreographer, performer and filmmaker creating stage works, video pieces, and installations. The works are oriented towards research concerning the perception of dance or choreography as an extended practice generating a variety of performative context to reframe the body in relationship with movements. As a graduate of Sociology, he also studied dance in Codarts (Rotterdam Dance Academy). He deals with training and educational programs for various age groups experimenting with new ways of relating to performance art. In Europe he has worked with dance companies, various choreographic research projects, visual artists and musicians. His projects are produced an supported by spazioK/Kinkaleri. With his works he partecipated in festivals and venues including Centrale Fies, Dro; Cango/Centro di produzione sui linguaggi del corpo e della danza, Florence; MART, Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto; Contemporanea Festival, Prato; Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes/Jeune Création-Vidéo Cinéma, Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi, Florence; Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato; Fabbrica Europa, Florence; Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea, Florence; CROSS Festival, Verbania; Short Theatre, Rome; Bipod Festival, Beirut; Palazzo Grassi Punta della Dogana, Venice; Palais de Tokyo, Paris.

From 16:00 at PARC spaces it is possible to visit an installation with videos on contemporary Chinese choreography and performing arts (free admission).









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