Fabio Novembrini | Roberta Racis

DIORAMA Singapore tour

March 17, 2022 - March 26, 2022 00:00

Dance Nucleus Singapore | SG

Fabio Novembrini and Roberta Racis will be in Singapore invited by Dance Nucleus, one of the partners of the CRISOL – creative processes project, to present their choreographic creation Diorama within the SCOPE#13 platform (on March 20), and to participate in a residency (from 17 to 26 March) as part of the ARTEFACT program, during which they will have the opportunity to work the artists Albert Garcia (Macao), January Low (Malaysia), Jereh Leung (Singapore) on the theme of gender.
By inviting artists to share their own artistic research and, at the same time, contextualizing it within their personal training and cultural milieu, the intent of this work process is to create the basis for a model of transnational and intercultural co-creation.

Diorama is an exercise in political imagination, a practice of redefining and reconstructing the biological body.
The practice proposed by Novembrini and Racis tries to create a visual device in which with the filmed body, acted out and put into relation with other bodies, causes a sabotage of gender construction processes and a deconstruction of the dominant codes of representation.



















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