Farm in the cave


May 19, 2009 - May 20, 2009 21:30

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


The stage composition of Sclavi is based on the Farm in the Cave Theatre Studio´s expeditions to villages in Eastern Slovakia, on old Ruthenian songs, on letters written by emigrants and on the story of Karel Čapek´s “Hordubal”. Real emigration begins when you return. You try to find your own home in your wife´s embrace, in the attachment to your daughter, in the eyes of your friends – but no one remembers you, no one wants anything from you, you no longer have a home, and there is no one to blame. The Latin word “sclavi” means “Slavs” as well as “slaves”. The creators of the production are Czech, Slovak, Polish, Ukrainian and Serbian and with a certain degree of self-irony, they examine the gap between slavophilic ideas and the reality of Slavs in Europe today. The performance is structured on the pulse of live vocal music which creates and changes the inner and outer space. The melodical and harmonic stream is built up through polyphonic emigrant songs that are cut and filled with bare and raw physical action. Words are used only irregularly and more for their sound quality than for their actual meaning.


Farm in the cave
The name “Farm in the Cave” is a literal translation of the word “Daimuz”, which was the name of Garcia Lorca´s family farm. Theatre Studio Farm in the Cave is an international organization that focuses on the creation, development and research of human expression. The company finds its unique definition in the form of relationships: “me and you”; “body and voice”; “culture and nature”; “public and intimate”; “research and creation”. Farm in the Cave searches for a body articulation that is used to express what is impossible to express through any other means, and finds this means of expression in uncommon musical territories, fragments of culture manifestation, human touch, architecture of space, and personal statement.


director: Viliam Docolomanský
dramaturg: Jana Pilatová
musical Dramaturgy, vocal arrangement: Mariana Sadowska, Viliam Docolomanský
choregraphy assisstant: Ivana Dukic
actors: Róbert Nizník, Anna Krsiaková, Jun Wan Kim, Roman Horák, Zuzana Pavúková, Cécile da Costa, Hana Varadzinová, David Jánský
set and costume design: Barbora Erniholdová
musical director: Mariana Sadovska
producer: Alena Banakova














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